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The value of advice.

You can’t put a price on good advice.

Independent research and academic studies confirm that higher levels of wealth are achieved by those who use advisors on an ongoing basis than those who don’t – in fact, research shows that Advised households have more than 4 times the assets of Non-Advised households. These investors also have better savings habits and are more confident in their ability to meet their retirement income needs.

Why engage a financial advisor?

Why engage a financial advisor

Paying for professional advice has its benefits. Advisors can help you:

  • Build wealth by developing personalized financial plans.
  • Make important decisions with the future in mind, such as adopting a savings and investment culture early on, and avoiding common investment errors.
  • Develop financial literacy and build trust.
  • Navigate a wide array of financial products and plans.
  • Feel secure in the knowledge that they operate in a regulated sector.

Research shows that Advised households have four times more than the assets of Non-Advised households.
Four times more assets
Client testimonials


Both my husband and I held positions in the banking industry before we retired. With some knowledge of the investment side of economics we well-researched our decision on who we want to handle our finances going forward. Upon retirement, tax implications are more of a focus than returns. From the first meeting with our advisor at BC Financial we felt we had found our perfect match.

As the years have progressed, we have found our advisor to be very intelligent and current in all areas of economics, with a more hands-on approach than any financial planner we have had in the past. This seems to reflect the company’s values and commitment to their clients.

The team at BC Financial has a “live your best life with your money, whatever that looks like to you” mindset and this is something my husband and I appreciate. My husband is a type A and I am definitely not! Our advisor at BC Financial takes up the challenge and my husband and I always leave our quarterly meetings very pleased with our decision.

Debra C

We have a long-standing relationship with BC Financial Solutions, having come on board since its inception. Our relationship with the firm formed while we were working and planning for retirement and continues now during our retirement.

We really appreciate the quick responses to any queries regarding our portfolios and the high level of expertise in the financial industry. Because of this guidance in investments, we are able to enjoy a comfortable, quality retirement.

Rick & Margaret

Thank you to the BC Financial Solutions team for all their advice and guidance. We are very grateful and were able to retire early.

We especially appreciated the efforts of the team to work with our accountant to set up a great plan for our future. This, and the fact that we were continually kept informed and up-to-date on all our investments, made us feel well taken care of. We have also been able to set up RESPs for our grandchildren. BC Financial Solutions has been instrumental in taking care of our other family members and their future investments.

John & Kim

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