Shaun Muc

Financial Advisor

Financial Security Advisor Shaun Muc

With 20 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, Shaun has enjoyed growing with his clients over the years while providing excellent products and planning solutions.

Operating on the basis that an informed consumer is a protected consumer, Shaun arms his clients with the knowledge and services required to make informed decisions. As the insurance and investment industry is constantly changing, Shaun takes a holistic approach with clients and is committed to open, honest, and transparent communication; he holds regular meetings and service reviews with clients to ensure they are informed, protected, and able to adapt to market changes.

Shaun is proud to have a wonderful support system at home; his wonderful wife, Sara and two boys, Alexander and Lucas drive him to be the best husband, dad, and advisor he can be. Shaun is also passionate about the living world, including animals, oceans and lakes, trees and the ecosystems they live in. He also loves to hike and preserve nature, ski, play hockey, and really enjoys Formula 1 Racing. He’s also had a dream of owning and driving high performance cars since he was very young!

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